Quality Assurance

Every system manufactured by Torr International Inc. must pass Test and Acceptance Procedures developed by Dr. Masud Naraghi, the Chief of Quality Assurance.

The process begins with the Chief Technician in charge of the particular system performing tests and reporting to Dr. Naraghi. Next, Dr. Naraghi decides whether the system in question has met Torr’s exacting specifications.

No system is delivered until it passes every test perfectly. Where contracted, test results are sent to customers for approval before delivery. In every instance, Torr maintains records for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Once a system has been built and has passed Torr’s final quality assurance procedures, it is ready to be delivered and installed. During on-site installation and commissioning of the system, another exacting set of procedures are followed.

In many situations—like Thin Film structure and etching uniformity—Torr makes use of university laboratories with which it has professional contacts.

Torr’s Test and Acceptance Procedures:
• Ultimate/Base vacuum and the time taken.
• Pump down time to reach a certain vacuum for process to start.
• Lead test of the process chamber and other components.
• All electronics, power supplies and interlocks for reliable operation.
• All rotation, movement inside vacuum for substrate holder, evaporation sources etc.
• Water, air, gases, and other utilities: check for pressure, temperature, flow etc.
• Process test runs and check all parameters.
• If PC control is involved, check all interfaces— software, hardware, etc. —for reliable operation.
• Complete process run with PC in manual and auto mode.