About Us

Torr International Services LLC was founded in 1989 as a vacuum technology company. Since then, it has become a specialist in the field of thin film equipment and nanotechnology.

Torr’s product range includes low-priced standard table-top CRC Magnetron Sputtering systems. These systems are for appications as diverse as specimen preparation for scanning electron microscopes or research and development with metal, dielectric and polymer films. Torr International also creates custom-built multi-target sophisticated systems for special applications.

Torr International Services LLC manufactures Thermal Evaporation and and E-Beam Evaporation systems to suit specialized needs.

Reactive Ion Etching systems, for corrosive or standard applications, can also be created. Torr serves a worldwide market in the areas of Thin Film Deposition, Etching and High Vacuum Technology.

Mission Statement

"Quality and Service at an Affordable Price." Endeavor to excel in Custom Design.


Torr Customers are spread throughout the globe in the countries such as....

USA,  Canada,  Mexico,  Brazil, Romania, Russia,  China,  Germany,  France,  Turkey,  Saudi Arabia,  UAE,  Australia,  Malaysia,  Algeria,  Vietnam,  Ireland,  Japan,  India,  Kuwait,  Kazakhstan and many more

Torr has done business with many world renowned Research Institutes & Research Groups such as....

BOEING-USA,  IBM-USA,  Knolls Atomic-USA,  Oak Ridge National Laboratory-USA,  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory- USA,  Penn State University-USA,  University of North Florida-USA,  University of Southern California-USA,  Wright Patterson Air Force-USA,  University of Seskatchewan-Canada,  Mcmaster University-Canada,  CIMAV-Mexico,  Saudi Aramco-Saudi Arabia,  Qatar Foundation-Qatar,  Shenzhen University-China,  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology-Russia,  IOFFE-St Petersburg-Russia,   Kurchatov Institute-Russia,  IMNR-Romania,  Istanbul University-Turkey,  Sabanci University-Turkey,  AEG-Germany,  Friedrich Alexander University-Germany,  Max Plank University-Germany,  Siemens-Germany,  University of Hamburg-Germany,  University of Permambuco-Brazil, Eindhoven University-Netherland,  Louis Pasteur University-France,  National University of Malaysia-Malaysia,  University of Dublin-Ireland,  Kyoto- Japan,  Nippon-Japan,  Naval Physical & Oceanography Laboratory-India, University of Hyderabad-India