Ion Beam Depositon System

Ion beam deposition (IBD) is a vacuum deposition process that uses a broad beam ion source directly focused on a sputtering target. Sputtered material from the target then deposits on a nearby substrate, creating a thin film. Some applications will use an assembly of sputter targets that can be indexed to create multilayer thin films. Most IBD applications will use a second ion source, IBAD, to control and enhance the properties of the sputtered film.

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  • Electro-Polished Stainless Steel Chamber (D-Shaped Box)
  • 4” Diameter View Port on Front Door with Manual Shutter
  • Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumping System with Matching Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump
  • Ion Beam Deposition with Convergent Beam Ion Source & Power Supply, with Easy Target Mounting Assembly
  • Ion Beam Assisted Deposition with Divergent Beam Ion Source & Power Supply
  • Quartz Crystal Thickness Sensor with Deposition Controller
  • Mass Flow Controller with Digital Readout
  • Full Range Vacuum Gauge with Digital Display & Readout
  • Semi-Automatic Controlled System
  • Water Chiller
  • Load Lock System with Sample Transfer Adaptability
  • Multi-Axis Substrate Stage Rotation Quartz Lamp Heater (from 300° C up to 800° C)
  • Planetary Substrate Stage
  • PLC Controlled System
  • PC Controlled System
  • Water Cooled Substrate Stage
  • Adjustable Size & Height Available for Substrate Stage
  • SQC 310 Film Thickness Monitor & Deposition Controller
  • Motorized Shutter Assembly
  • Dry Scroll Pump
  • Cryo Pumping System
  • Cold Cathode or Hot Cathode Ionization Gauge
  • Additional Spare Flanges for Future Upgrades
  • RF Cleaning/Biasing Capability
  • In Situ Mask Changer