Reactive Ion Etcher System

Torr International Services LLC manufactures Reactive Ion Etchers designed for etching films of oxides, nitrides, polymers and more. Our standard RIE Series Plasma Etching System accommodates wafers/samples of up to 200mm diameter . Our custom RIE systems can handle variety of sample sizes based on geometry and research Needs.

Reactive Ion Etchers can be manually or PC controlled, and can be table-top or stand-alone cabinet systems.


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The RIE600W-Reactive Ion Etcher is intended for an isotropic etching of materials including metal oxides, silicon and microelectronic devices. The tabletop instrument is suitable for research and development and can be used for small pilot production applications.

The full 600-watt RF power supply—with auto matching network and corrosive gases used—can produce etch rates 10°/sec for a variety of materials.

The auto RF power control ensures consistent reproduction of processes not possible with a manual RF power control.The RIE600 turbo-molecular drag pumped system can reach base pressures of 10 -5 Torr. This low vacuum eliminates impurities before starting each process. The system can be used in manual mode if new parameters are
necessary for a new etch process.


  • Compact Table Top Design for Isotropic Etching of Samples (20” x 24“ Footprint)
  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel Chamber with Top Opening (Clamshell Style)
  • Small View Port on Chamber
  • Water Cooled 6” Wafer/Sample Stage (Accomodates Up to One 6” Wafer)
  • Uniformity of Etching/Cleaning (Less than 5% over a 6” Wafer)
  • RF Power Supply with Matching Network
  • Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pumping System with Matching Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pump
  • Mass Flow Controller with Digital Readout for Process Gas
  • Custom Integral Gas Shower
  • Vacuum Gauge with Digital Display and Readout (Measures to 0.1m Torr)
  • Semi-Automatic controlled system


  • Water Chiller
  • Gas Scrubber
  • RF Power Supply with Automatic Matching Network & Network Controller
  • PLC Controlled System
  • PC Controlled System
  • Manifold for Multiple Mass Flow Controllers for Various Process Gases
  • Additional Spare Flanges for Future Upgrades
  • Corrosive Resistant Hardware (Pumping System; All Metal-Sealed Mass Flow Controllers; Vacuum Gauge & Fittings)
  • Manifold for Multiple Mass Flow Controllers for Various Process Gases
  • Isolated Full Range Vacuum Gauge with Digital Display & Readout (for pre-process base pressure measurement)