Refurbished Combinational Deposition System

The system proposed herein is a Combination Deposition System that includes Electron Beam Evaporation, Thermal Evaporation with Ion Beam Assisted Deposition sources. The chamber can accommodate up to 4”/6” diameter substrates and allows a combination of Thermal Evaporation and Electron Beam techniques to be performed without breaking vacuum. The pumping system includes Cryo based pump roughed by a Dual stage rotary pump. 

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Process Chamber

  • A highly polished stainless steel box type chamber (22”x22”x24”), with D shaped door.
  • Two 4” view ports on the front door
  • Additional spare flanges for future upgrades, including future upgrade for Loadlock Assembly.

Vacuum System

  • 1500 l/s Cryo Pump
  • Dual stage rotary roughing pump
  • A gate valve with a separate manual throttle control orifice
  • A full range cold cathode - Pirani combination gauge for pressure measurement

E-Beam Source

  • 4 pocket, E-Beam source with water cooled crucible, 4cc capacity
  • Auto Pocket Indexer for individual pocket selection
  • Source shutter

High Voltage Power Supply with X-Y Sweep Controller

  • 3kW high voltage DC power supply, (6kV, 500mA max)
  • X-Y sweep controller

Thermal Evaporator Power Supply

  • Variable, 2kw low voltage power supply (x3)
  • Thermal source (x3)
  • Source shutter (x3)

Ion Beam Assisted Deposition

  • Veeco’s divergent beam Ion source & Power supply

Substrate Stage with Rotation & Heating

  • 6” diameter sample stage holder
  • Spring clips for holding samples
  • Substrate rotation (0-20 rpm)
  • IR quartz lamps substrate heating of up to 400°C

FTM 2000 Quartz Crystal Thickness Sensor

  • Water cooled quartz crystal thickness sensor
  • Cable oscillator


  • A closed loop water chiller
  • Dry scroll pump
  • RF cleaning via electrically isolated electrode
  • Turbo pumping system
  • IR quartz lamps substrate heating of up to 600°C
  • Substrate tilting capability of up to ± 45°
  • SQC310C – Co-deposition thickness sensor controller/programmer

Note - Please Contact Torr for further information for this option